Its funny when somebodys gets your dream for freee, and you have to work a lifetime to even get a look into it...
that happens to me all the time
girls getting scouted left right and center and their me that breaths to be a model and it just does not work out!
AM i soppost to be one?
but the thing is im not giving up FXXX that!
okay so i stared college yesterday and i totally dont like it
my course looks shit art and design that is
man all i wanna do is fashion i care how to draw or anything like that
but im just gonna try and settle in and see how it goes
going to
birminging vintage fare errrmmmm, looks like my wages are going on second hand clothes and handbags ...

''Thanks for the shoutout jordan''

''Thanks for the shout out Anton''


Thanks for the shout out NATHAN HARPER (Founder of ''BeYourself'' Clothing line)

''Be You Apparel'' Clothing Line NEW 2010!

WE BECAME history''
new clothing line coming out this year blowing all over london WATCH OUT FOR THIS LINE RIGHT HERE!
Designer:Cameron pereira
Founder:Nathan Harper

''Aaron Shout Out''

Thanks for the shout out aaron
this kid is dopeee
and he totally fits the arty potential!

A Nice Little FreeBie

Thanks Kiecey & Donna Corbin :)

Im so ARTY

hey i have a new word called ARTY
is like
all in one
- so yeah my life so farrr all it has been is work crack and play making money to feed my addiction to fashion its so hard not having money and going into town and seeing stuff you want so bad !
theirs a new shop called popstore opend in bham the shop is more that DOPE but the girls that worked their didnt deserve to even step one foot in the shop , cheak out my next blog to see the crazy shit they have ...



so i was talking to one of the people that worked in their and she was like they never stay in the same place they just set up a shop and then they just basiclly cause a storn and then dissapear but pop store is staying in bham for 6 months so ill have some nice pay check since then and im purchasing something nicee ahahah

''high speed , short-attention span culture''


''Nice Little Freebe''

Baby Milo Jacket courtesy of nicole
Thanks nicole :)