Crystal MEOW The Future !

Yeah! Thats Right The New Era To fashion has arrived and is PURRRfection what crystal always looks like, her retro high-heels gives her, her own identity!
Shes a Stylist | Aspiring Designer | Music Addict and shes going to be the future
Girl i take my hat off and hand it to you beacuse she is somebody who i can look up to as diffent in the city were we live,
shes not afraid to look glamours every single day !

She did it again

Wide sleeve T: Topshop <--- this one would've worked too. Shorts & belt: Funky Monkey vintage (New Orleans). Bandeau top: American Apparel. Moccasins: Minnetonka. Coral ring: YSL. Ivory ring: H&M. Pendant: Courtesy of Fashionology. Shades: Ray Ban. Lips: Show Orchid by MAC

- this women is an absolute ledgend in my eyes she is the fucking future of the style world !

The Future Of Fashion

clea martin



Bianca Morris

Hannah Cooper

& many more!

Alek Wek Southern Sudan Storm

I have to take my hat off to her , from fleeing her home in sudan to the highest fashion cat walks known to man, alek wek you are a true black inspiration in my eyes... i hope to have the same sucsess as her soon !


These shoes are phenomenal

- DSQUARED Campaign Fall Winter 2010

Personally i love this campaign for various reasons, its sexy & scary just something I've wanted to see for a long time, it's also dangerous and pornographic which is very creative.

A blog i was looking at this girl is out of this world

Shoes: Topshop Unique Skater boots: (clearance/sale)

The Seduction of a women

Sex Sells
So Why Do we criticize Pornstars and prostitutes - morganLChild .

My Thoughts Today

Had my collage workshop today, was aload of BULL$*** !
we drawed plants like i give a fcuk about plants , i wanted to draw some clothes and feel some materials its in my religon to'
We talked about crayons and pencils, and how to sketch YEAH BITCH give me a dresss to sketch or something , the baffon gave me a leaf ! NOW what am i doing drawing a MOTHERF****** leaf !
ahahaahh , well forget all of that and lets get back to the real thought, i see people on my facebook stressed out ALL THE TIME! hey guys cheer up man and get a life, personaly i take photos or dress up if im down , but people have diffent ways in dealing with their emotions ,
still thinking about my future and how the hell im gonna get to my dream ,
is it impossible to get their or am i just doubting myself only time will tell,
when im on the billboard in NYC!

Jay Cool'Kid Williams!


Holding it down for the birmingham Kids and dress scene! jay kills it when it comes to looking 'fresh'. Clean, Retro-urban thinking makes him look FLY everytime round.

Style is primarily a matter of instinct.

Fashions Gallery Of Scary

The Coolest Shoes On The Entire Planet !