My Thoughts Today

Had my collage workshop today, was aload of BULL$*** !
we drawed plants like i give a fcuk about plants , i wanted to draw some clothes and feel some materials its in my religon to'
We talked about crayons and pencils, and how to sketch YEAH BITCH give me a dresss to sketch or something , the baffon gave me a leaf ! NOW what am i doing drawing a MOTHERF****** leaf !
ahahaahh , well forget all of that and lets get back to the real thought, i see people on my facebook stressed out ALL THE TIME! hey guys cheer up man and get a life, personaly i take photos or dress up if im down , but people have diffent ways in dealing with their emotions ,
still thinking about my future and how the hell im gonna get to my dream ,
is it impossible to get their or am i just doubting myself only time will tell,
when im on the billboard in NYC!

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