hey my name is morgan ...
im a 16 year old tall freak
that lives in the dungest parts of england im addicted to louis vitton which i cant affort and my taste is too expensive which makes me starve more, Im a camera hoe and fashion is my heroin addiction!

computer Junk

Well Done Morgan Lin'dSay

Okay so i did okay in my results but not good enough for me to get on the cover of the express and star ( english newspaper) also with my great freind jemima dury who got better results than me
had fun doing schoool sooo i guesss it was all worth it :)

Amber Rose for YRB Magazine

Personally i think amber rose is amazing and her and kayne couldnt of been more perfect together.
the picture had been air brushed like 10000x over but she loooks hellla dope!

Cassie Gets Sexy For Vibe Magazine 2010

Worlds Most Infamous Murder's


feel really sad today got rejected by storm model management, i know its a big thing to get into that agency but i thought ilt be a walk in the park
every day people tell me im beautifull, and that i should be a model im not acting big headed about it.
i fort to myself after i saw the email that, CAN I ACTULLY PERSUE MODELLING or not
My nose is too big , i have no bone stucture
and i guess if i was to become a model everybody else will right ?
is their something differnt about me or am i just not for this
even tho i did get bad news
theirs a feeling i just cant get rid of thats telling me not to give up untill I reach the top
its made me realise not to think about my future so much all the time now
cuz their is a 75% chance i will NOT get it !
only i can make my self to belive me
Will i get it Knowbody knows but me!