feel really sad today got rejected by storm model management, i know its a big thing to get into that agency but i thought ilt be a walk in the park
every day people tell me im beautifull, and that i should be a model im not acting big headed about it.
i fort to myself after i saw the email that, CAN I ACTULLY PERSUE MODELLING or not
My nose is too big , i have no bone stucture
and i guess if i was to become a model everybody else will right ?
is their something differnt about me or am i just not for this
even tho i did get bad news
theirs a feeling i just cant get rid of thats telling me not to give up untill I reach the top
its made me realise not to think about my future so much all the time now
cuz their is a 75% chance i will NOT get it !
only i can make my self to belive me
Will i get it Knowbody knows but me!

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  1. Dont Give Up! If they dont see it then your just gonna have to show them what their missing out on! People get knocked back loads of times before they get reach there dream, there's gonna be lots of opportunity's in the future for you to shine. Its alot about the people you know, just really get yourself out there! Modelling agencies have really strict criteria but it changes all the time, for example they didnt want models with gap teeth a few years ago, and now thats what people want!
    I dont really know what to say but i wouldnt let it get you down, i dont really know you that well but your passion for the industry is so strong that you cant help but notice :)
    I have my dream of succeeding in the fashion industry but i know im probably not gonna be successfull till im 30-40, fashion is a tough industry, really bitchy, but youve just gotta not let it get you down and try as hard as you can. I wouldnt let this knock your confidence in any way i'd take it in a positive way for you gain more experience :D
    Alex xx